TOP 4 Renovation Trends 2021

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2020 is getting closer to the end thus making people think about the changes and renovations for the upcoming year. Renovation Trends change every year bringing more new ideas and rejecting or modernizing the previous ones. It may sound critical to renovate the interior just to stay on the wave but changes can become an important motivation in our lives. 

We decided to introduce some interior trends for the upcoming 2021 based on Allegoria Properties clients’ reviews and ideas from worldwide famous designers.

Due to last year’s pandemic, we started to spend more time at home. This made us think about how to make the interior more comfortable both for work and life. Some designers confess that clients now tend to Minimize the furniture at home and bring more colors into the interior.

Flowers & Colors in Renovation Trends

Together with Navy, Grey, and Green as the main colors of the upcoming year a floral style called ‘Grandmillenial’ or ‘Granny chic’ is trending more. The idea of Grandmillenials is to redevelop the old-fashioned crafts. Turn Chintz, micro florals, wicker and cane furniture, antiques, fringing, and wallpaper into modern art.

The impact of plastic pollution on the environment derived projects of ‘Sustainable modern design’. New bioplastics materials, reused materials, and wasted plastic will be an upcoming design trend. Not only furniture is the target, but you may also create your own DIY handcraft from plastic wastes.

Old & New

Modern rustic: the name of the blend between old and modern. You want to renovate all the interior but still have fashionable retro furniture?
Don’t rush to get rid of them. Each old-fashioned piece of furniture can have a modern interpretation with the help of paints and details. 

Nowadays the millennial generation tends to open unit space of living, entertaining, dining, and meal prep in neutral colors mixed with bright accessories.
Being already on the way to interior renovation takes your time. Make research, or ask for help from a professional and try to analyze what style is the right one for you and your family. 

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