Townhouses or Villas? Benefits & Difference

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During the past decade, the number of townhouses and villas is growing rapidly in Dubai. The interest in such communities is rising with the demands of ex-pat residents and tourists willing to invest in holiday homes. One may find different styles of modern and luxurious, yet affordable townhouses and villas in the suburbs of Dubai. Among popular destinations are Arabella, Amaranta in Dubailand, Jumeirah, Meydan, Mirdif, and many other family-friendly communities.

Before observing the advantages and disadvantages of investing let’s understand the main difference between townhouses and villas. 

The similarity between these two types is that both of them are detached houses with yards and outdoor amenities.
However, there is an obvious difference between townhouses and villas.

Usually, townhouse communities share amenities such as playgrounds, pools, and sports facilities. The units are surrounded by a fence, however, settled quite close to one another.

The villas, on the other hand, are usually bigger and with a private pool, playground, or garden for growing plants. This is also a reason for the difference between the prices of townhouses and villas.

Despite the broad variety of amenities, one may have when investing in a villa, it is more popular to purchase a townhouse in Dubai.
The reason may vary also depending on the country and possible activities in the backyard. Due to the weather in Dubai, house buyers prefer to be close to the beach or live in a community with a pool.

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Pros and Cons of Buying Townhouses

Before making a very costly decision we recommend you to consider all the possible advantages and disadvantages of investing. Buying a house is a long-term investment that must fulfil the requirements of all family members.

Let’s explore some details of townhouses according to market researchers.


  • Cost: Townhouses in Dubai are quite affordable due to the community shared amenities.
  • Maintenance: The relatively small sizes of the house and the yard require fewer chores and effort.
  • Neighborhood: Community life allows making friends and spend time together.
  • Security: All Dubai communities have round  the clock security system.


  • Less Space: Most townhouses have small backyards.
  • Less Privacy: The townhouses are separated by a fence, however, quite close to one another.
  • Noise: If you live in an active community, it will not be fully noiseless.
  • Maintenance fees: In some communities, amenity maintenance fees may apply.

When choosing a property some errors may happen but if the advantages are more valuable, the risk is very low.
Life in a community might be beneficial not only for the adults but also for the children. Most suburbs of Dubai have nurseries and schools, playgrounds for children and sports activities to make their routine active and healthy. Leisure destinations such as restaurants, parks and shopping stores will make good vibes for the weekend. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Villas

The villa type of house was originally an upper-class country house in Roman times. Usually, villas are more than one story luxurious and spacious houses that may also be properties for vacation. It is common to have a private pool in a villa, garden, and summer cottage.

However, now its appearance and amenities differ from country to country.
In Dubai, villas are comparatively affordable. Many of them have a Spanish style and include the required amenities for  splendid family life.  


  • Privacy: The villas are far from one another thus making your activities out of sight. 
  • Exclusivity: You may have pets without worrying about neighborhood rules and create other amenities only for you and your family.
  • Free to renovate: You may redesign the interior of your villa or the exterior without thinking about being in harmony with the community.
  • Landscape: Build your own garden with flowers and plants.
  • Good investment: A well-designed and located villa may become a source of income.
  • Activities: A spacious villa is ideal for celebrations and basic sports facilities.


  • Maintenance: Requires lots of effort on cleaning the living space and work in the garden.
  • Cost: The price will be relatively high compared to townhouses, as you have private amenities
  • Distance: Trying to be away from the noisy city may turn into a hassle for everyday travels
  • Security: If you prefer to own a villa in an isolated region, prepare to spend extra for private security.

The final decision always depends on the buyer. One important thing that we may recommend is to find a trustworthy real estate agent who cares about the client’s well-being. A good property consultant will observe the requirements, needs, preferences and the budget of the client. These will help to understand whether it is going to be a townhouse or a villa.
At Allegoria Properties we practice the honest effective agent-client communication to help you find your dream home in Dubai.

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